Introducing ProVerify Solutions
Benefits of the ProVerify™ Extended Workforce Solution.

  • Consolidate program management to a single solution
  • Ease unnecessary risks related with your contingent workers
  • Create greater consistency across your entire screening program
  • Benefit from ensuring contingent labor forces meet your organization’s specific screening standards
  • Gain insight and visibility with compliance reporting to ensure auditing requirements will be achieved


Our ProVerify™ solution serves as a platform for electronically ordering and retrieving all of your employment screening services. Application Verification can fully assist with setup, coordination, and management of all details for the following ProVerify™ Energy background screening services:

  • Criminal Background Investigations (Physical and TB)
  • Pre-Employment Physical Exams
  • Previous Employment Verifications
  • Driving Record (MVR) Reports
  • State Required Criminal Background Clearances Training Requirements
  • Occupational Health Exams
  • Baseline Medical Exposure Testing
  • Reference and Professional Verifications
  • Substance Abuse (Drug) Screening
  • Tracking Completed

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