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Sponsor Ads

Talk about exposure...In addition to the homepage, these ads appear at the bottom of virtually every page on the website. In addition, your sponsor ad will print along with any page selected and is hyperlinked to your company website. Login page, project details, filter and tracked projects lists, statistical research - you name it, your company will be there.
The cost is: $200/month or a 6 month minimum commitment waves any creation fees.

Sponsor Ad Size:
250px x 250px

Social Events 

Company Visibility is offered at various package levels for the annual Sporting Clay Shoots, Golf Outings as well as the Annual Banquet or you can cover all PBX social events and get 8 free registrations by being an advantage sponsor.   Click here to view our event sponsorship packages.

Membership Directory & Buyers Guide

This book is an excellent resource to market products and services to prospective clients and customers. As the lead construction industry guidebook in the tri-state area our directory is viewed by over 3,000 companies including Architects, Engineers, Awarding Agencies, and every Member of the PBX.

Classified Ads

Classified advertising is offered to member firms to post positions for hire, seeking employment, or items for sale. The cost is only $5.00 per week.  They are also included in our email blasts

For more information on advertising opportunities contact us, or call Jaci Chlop at 412-922-4200or