New High Schools on the Horizon

Jun 07, 2017

Two southwestern Pennsylvania school districts are exploring the distinct possibility of building new high schools in the near future.

In northern Allegheny County, the Quaker Valley School District is purchasing land that may accommodate a new building. The district board has brought in an engineering firm to conduct studies and help determine if the land is suitable for a large high school campus. Current estimates for construction of a new building range from $60 to $80 million . To track this project, please see our Project ID# 2016-16C8 .

In Washington County, the Peters Township School District is giving strong consideration to building a new high school on land that was once the Rolling Hills Country Club off McMurray Road. The architectural firm Hayes Design Group has completed a conceptual design of a new three-story school at that location. A preliminary estimate of construction cost would place the 280,000+ square foot building in the $85 to $95 million range. Refer to our Project ID # 2015-17A9 to track this project.

As the districts firm up plans, the Pennsylvania Construction News will publish details and timelines.