Bids In On New Peters Township High School

May 17, 2018

Peters Township, Pa : Multiple contract bids were opened on May 16 for the construction of the new Peters Township High School. Low base bid results are as follows:

General : Nello Construction $47,897,000

HVAC: Lugaila Mechanical $9,330,000

Plumbing: Vrabel Plumbing $3,320,200

Electrical: A-1 Electric $9,892,000

Fire Protection: William T. Spaeder : $940,000

Food Service Equipment: 11400 Inc . $945,000

Site Work: A. Liberoni $5,334,193

Plumbing Site Utility: Murin & Murn $1,158,000

Casework: Reed Associates $1,150,000

For complete results please refer to our Project ID #2015-17A9.