Ohio County Schools Accelerate Building Program

Apr 16, 2019

Wheeling, WV : A new round of bidding for Ohio County schools is underway with planned renovations to Madison Elementary and Bridge Street Middle School - as advertised, bids will be due on May 10 - a MANDATORY pre-bid meeting is scheduled for April 19 . The architect, McKinley & Associates of Wheeling expects bidding documents to be available on or about April 17.

Those documents will be available on our website soon thereafter. To follow the projects, please refer to our ID #2019-0807 for Bridge Street Middle and ID #2019-0808 for Madison Elementary.

Two additional projects, Steenrod Elementary renovations (ID #2019-07F7 ) and Tridelphia Middle School addition/renovations (ID #2019-07F6 ) are currently on the boards with bidding expected by mid-2020.