Rochester Area Joint Sewer Authority - Long Term Control Plan Bids September 24

Aug 28, 2019

Rochester, PA (Beaver County): In a second round of bidding , the Rochester Area Joint Sewer Authority will receive proposals for five separate contracts to upgrade their treatment plant, to expand their lift stations, and to install 12,000 linear feet of sewer force main.

KLH Engineers, Inc . of Robinson Township have prepared revised bid documents for the plant - the estimate of probable cost for the General Contract ( $22.5 million ) and Electrical Contract ( $4 million ) totals $26.5 million.

Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering of Coraopolis will soon release documents for the Force Main contract and the two contracts (General & Electrical) for construction of the lift station improvements.

To follow these three projects and to review the plans/specifications and lists of prospective bidders please refer to:

Wastewater Treatment Plant - ID #2019-03C8-C

Lift Stations - ID #2019-03C8-D

Force Main - ID #2019-03C8-E