UPDATE: COVID-19 – Impact of March 19, 2020
Order on PA Construction Industry

Updated Mar 23, 2020
Article by: Burns White Construction Law Practice Group
It is our understanding that many contractors are receiving exemptions to perform construction work on infrastructure projects, especially in rural areas. We understand that the Governor and others are concerned that if an individual gets the virus, they will be confined to their home and the Commonwealth wants to make sure that essential services (e.g. – water, gas, sewage, electrical, etc.) are not negatively affected by stopping ongoing construction projects. So if you’re working on a project that involves these types of activities, such as a waterline or sewage project – especially in rural areas – you may have a good chance at qualifying for an waiver by submitting a waiver application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (“DCED”). In addition, per this letter [insert link to the attached letter which was sent today – I only have this as a PDF, not as a link] there is a tremendous lobbying effort taking place on behalf of the construction industry to reclassify the industry group “Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction” as a group that may continue physical operations, consistent with the exceptions made in California, Illinois and New York.
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