Construction Guidance During COVID-19 FAQs

May 06, 2020

Construction Guidance During COVID-19 FAQs

Guidance for Businesses in the Construction Industry Permitted to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency

See a copy of the Guidance to the Construction Industry .

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​May new construction projects be started, or does this order only allow existing projects to continue?

​A construction site isn’t following the safety requirements to prevent COVID-19. How do I file a complaint?

Will the Department investigate a complaint if the name or location of the jobsite is not provided?

​Is my employer required to provide masks/face coverings, or is that my responsibility?

Can my employer force me to work if they do not provide PPE or have safeguards in place that follow the Department of Health’s guidance?

​If I do not feel comfortable reporting to work, do I need to report to the worksite?

​If I arrive at a construction site and notice the worksite is not adhering to the Construction Guidance, what should I do?

​If a sick employee arrives on site, what options do I have?

Should I send home employees who were exposed to a sick employee?

​Is jobsite screening mandatory?

Where can I obtain information on jobsite screening services or equipment?

Am I required to wear gloves while using tools?

​My construction firm has not established a written safety plan. Is the safety plan mandatory on a commercial construction site?

​What qualifies a pandemic safety officer, and what qualifications must the pandemic safety officer possess?

​Can the pandemic safety officer both serve as the safety officer and also be a working member of the construction crew?

Is the pandemic safety officer required to be on site at all times?

Is a pandemic safety officer a requirement for residential construction?

​If a residential construction project is over 2,000 square feet, can the same non-residential guidelines apply?

May outside visitors come on to the job site, such as spouses bringing lunch or potential clients?

​My worksite is not following the COVID-19 safety requirements. What should I do?

​Is the square feet rule aggregate, per floor, or for any specific trade of the job?

​Does the Department have any say in which local public construction projects are allowed to continue?

​May my organization’s construction training or apprenticeship program resume?

​Do architects and engineers count towards the number of individuals allowed on the site?

​Do Heavy and Highway Construction projects have the same limits to numbers of individuals allowed on site?

​Will townhome construction sites allow four workers per unit?

​When is a tilt up project considered enclosed? When is the roof is on?

​Is constructing a roof structure with no walls, such as a pavilion, considered exterior?

Do worker limits apply to work being done on the exterior of the property?

​Can a contractor open its office location to conduct business?

​Is a construction business permitted to operate in its permanent work/office location?