Bids Opened for New Evans City Elementary School

Jul 14, 2020

Evans City, PA (Butler County): On July 14, Seneca Valley school officials opened and read aloud the bids for the construction of the new Evans City Elementary School. Base bids for the eight contracts totalled approximately $50 million .

The apparent low base bidders are:

General: Rycon Construction - $31,238,000

HVAC: Hranec Corporation - $5,725,000

Plumbing: Vrabel Plumbing - $2,545,200

Electrical: Merit Electrical - $5,928,000

Fire Protection: Vrabel Plumbing - $541,200

Food Service Equipment: 11400, Inc. - $743,500

Architectural Casework: Northeast Interior Systems $1,637,000

Landscaping: CH&D Enterprises - $466,300

The architect, Cannon Design of Pittsburgh, and the project manager, Eckles Construction Services of New Castle, will be reviewing the bids with the school district over the next two weeks.

For additional details, please refer to our Project ID #2017-0674.